• ‘Selvi El Sanatları A.Ş.’ located in Grandbazaar

was established by the family members in 1948. Our company completed its development stages and become a modern, contemporaneous corporation in recent years. Selvi El Sanatları, working for 2 generations in Grandbazaar has a product range containing a large collection of ‘Tiles (Çini)’ those have the designes, figures of Kütahya and İznik. We also have products of the world famous ‘Turkish Tile (Çini) Art’ artists like Sıtkı Olçar, İbrahim Erdeyer, Mehmet Koçer and Ersin Öçal.


  • Selvi El Sanatları, the leader of its sector also takes place in world

market by exporting for more than 30 years.


  • These unique underglazed and painted ‘Turkish

Ceramic Wares’ were handmade in Kütahya and İznik. The rich artistic heritage of painting under transparent glaze incorporates tulips, carnations, hyacinths, pomegranate blossoms, grapes, cypress trees, birds and all traditional motifs used in the original Ottoman Tiles (Çini) from the Anatolian city of İznik. Enhancing the beauty of the piece are the dominant colors of coral red, cobalt blue, turquoise and green. Enjoy this special treasure…..  


  • Famed for its tiles and ceramics; İznik was an important artistic and

cultural center during the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods.


  • The art of ceramics and tile making reached its prime

during the 16th century but without any written source revealing their manufacturing secrets.


  • The sustained quality and beauty of İznik artwork has

adorned palaces; mosques; public buildings as well as homes of the elite and has survived to the present day in all its beauty.


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